Unreal Engine
Project Setup

Setup Unreal Project

Unreal SDK repository contains both sample project and separate plugin. You can either start with the sample project or import the plugin into your existing project. Sample project is a great way to get familiar with the SDK and its features.

Start With Sample Project

  1. Download the latest zip package from the release page (opens in a new tab) or clone the repository.

  2. Open FractalUnreal.uproject in the repository root directory using supported version of Unreal Editor. You may be asked to migrate the version to your editor´s version.

  3. Test out the FractalLevel map inside the Maps folder, level should look like this:

Import Plugin Into Existing Project

  1. Navigate to your Project folder - the folder with the [ProjectName].uproject file in it.

  2. Create a folder called Plugins, if it doesn't already exist.

  3. Copy the entire fractal-unreal folder into the Plugins folder.