Authenticate Players

Authenticating Players with Fractal Account

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Fractal Account is a unique authentication system with built-in crypto wallets for Solana, Ethereum and Polygon. Like Steam accounts, Fractal accounts are not tied to any specific game. This means that players can use the same Fractal account to play multiple games, whether the game has blockchain features or not.

Sign up for a Fractal account is free and only takes a few seconds. Players can also use their existing social accounts to sign up for a Fractal account.

Implementing Fractal Account

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You interact with Fractal accounts using Fractal REST APIs directly (opens in a new tab) or using Fractal SDKs for Unity, Unreal Engine, and React. Reading user data, NFT items, and cryptocurrency balances and signing on-chain transactions is as simple as making a couple of REST API calls.

You can implement multiple authentication methods in your game or add Fractal Account to your existing infrastructure. If you already have a primary login system, you can use Fractal Account to link your in-game accounts with Fractal accounts.