Scoring & Tournaments

Scoring & Tournaments

One of the most essential features of Fractal is the ability to create and run engaging experiences for your players. To do that, Fractal offers a set of tools that can be used to:

  • Run tournaments and create leaderboards.
  • Create weekly missions and challenges.
  • Give out F Point rewards to players.


To leverage these features, you need to integrate Fractal Scoring API into your game. This will allow you to post scores and other game events to the Fractal backend. The more relevant gameplay metrics you feed into Fractal, the more engaging experiences we can create for your players.

We filter and aggregate the data you send to us to create tournament leaderboards, missions, and tournaments on our side dynamically. That means you don't have to worry about separate integration for each feature and event you want to offer. One implementation to rule them all.


Scoring endpoints require Fractal Account authentication in the game. We need a player's Fractal ID for each scoring event, so make sure you have that implemented before you continue.


Tournaments are a great way to engage your community and build a sense of competition. You can create tournaments for any game, while Fractal handles the leaderboard logic and price distribution.

Fractal features a leaderboard system that can be used to display the top players both in your game and directly on Fractal's website. Tournaments are usually featured on our platform and are a great way to get more exposure for your game.

Create a Game

Tournament Types

Fractal currently offers two types of leaderboard tournaments: Highscore and Aggregated.

Highscore tournaments are the most common type of tournaments and are used for games where the player's high score is the only thing that matters. Aggregated tournaments on the other hand are used for events where the player's score is calculated based on multiple scores from different game sessions.

In both cases, you can send multiple values as part of the score entry to the Leaderboard, like kills and deaths and select which one to use to sort the leaderboard.

Getting Started with Tournaments

Implementation is straightforward and requires you to post player's scores and optionally fetch scores back if you want to display them in the game.

To be able to run a tournament on Fractal:

  1. Integrate Fractal Sign-in into your game and get your Tournament ID.
  2. Send Scores to Fractal using the players Fractal User ID (From the game server)
  3. (Optional) Fetch scores to display leaderboard in your game or website.
  4. Pass the internal play test and integration test.