Inventory Management


Solana only. Ethereum and Polygon are coming soon.

Inventory Management simplifies creating, listing, and selling NFT items directly in your game or website. This robust set of tools enables you to define NFT templates using Fractal Studio and use these templates to mint NFT items on demand.

Using our tools, you can design in-game items and build custom storefronts to mint these templates into NFTs. This is wrapped into a very easy-to-use API without worrying about blockchain implementation.

Inventory Management does not require implementing Fractal Account and can be used with any wallet provider.


Define Item Templates

Fractal Studio

Using FStudio, you can define attributes, properties, and rarities for your in-game items and represent collections.

Only mint templates are created in advance. The actual NFTs are minted on the blockchain when requested. This allows you to create and manage your items without paying gas fees for every item you create and edit metadata on the fly.

Here are some of the critical features of Inventory Management in FStudio:

  • Create and customize NFT collections and items.
  • Define item attributes, properties, and rarities.
  • Define packs and bundles, and set their contents.

Create an In-Game Marketplace

Fractal Studio

Once you've created your NFT items in Fractal Studio, you can list them in your game or on your website, making it easy for your players to browse, discover, and engage with your NFT inventory. You can use our game engine SDKs to integrate NFT storefronts in your game or our API to create your custom storefront.

Sell Items

Fractal Studio

When users purchase your NFT items, they are minted on the blockchain and transferred to the user's wallet in a matter of seconds. You can also create free-to-mint items and distribute them to your players using this method.

Additional features include:

  • Support for fiat on-ramp and crypto payments.
  • Automated transactions and record keeping.
  • Secure and transparent blockchain transactions.

Getting Started

Complete our getting started guide and implement inventory management in 3 easy steps. Create your items in FStudio, create your preferred storefront using our API, and sell items to your users.