Getting Started

Meet Fractal

Fractal empowers game developers like you to acquire highly engaged players on both web and desktop.

This isn’t just another launcher that’ll lose your game in the noise. Instead, we’re focusing on making games easily discoverable, while motivating players with compelling experiences that make them want to stick around.

It’s important to note that Fractal is a completely free distribution channel and all our APIs sit on top of your existing infrastructure - so there’s no heavy lifting on your side.

There are 3 layers to Fractal - Distribution, Authentication, and Engagement.

Distribute your game

Fractal gives you access to a pool of high value gamers who just want to have fun. We have two main distribution channels for you:

  • Fractal Web - our web-based gaming platform
  • Fractal Desktop - our desktop launcher for PC and Mac, with seamless sign in and auto updates

Simply distributing your game through Fractal gets you added to our ‘Recently Launched’ playlist in our game catalogue (opens in a new tab). If you’d like more discoverability - for example on our home page - you’ll need to add an additional layer: authentication.

Authenticate players

Integrating Fractal authentication makes it easy for Fractal Account players to immediately enjoy your game. To provide our community with the best experience possible, we require any game being featured on our home page to integrate authentication. Doing so also comes with a Fractal Verified badge.

Here are two types of Fractal authentication:

  • Light - Identify Fractal Account users
  • Full - Read content inside Fractal Accounts

And three kinds of integrations to choose from:

  • Seamless sign in - Automatically logs players into your game
  • Account linking - Links Fractal Accounts to your existing account system
  • Sign in with Fractal - Requires users to manually log in to their Fractal Account

For a quick and powerful set up, we recommend pairing seamless sign in with light authentication.

Motivate and engage players

Retention is our number one priority. Think of Fractal like a ‘digital arcade’ - where players come for the great games, but stay for the fun experiences. To motivate users to play your game, we offer multiple touchpoints:

  • Game Nights - 100-300 players will play your game simultaneously with the Fractal team on Discord. Best for early stage games looking for feedback
  • Tournaments - 2000-6000 players will compete for a prize pool over the course of a week or a month
  • F Points - Players complete missions to rack up F Points which they can cash out for real life prizes
  • Quests - Players complete missions in exchange for valuable in-game items

Peeked Interested ?

This getting started guide will walk you through the process of integrating Fractal into your game. Follow this guide step by step to learn how to publish your game on Fractal and then integrate Fractal authentication and engagement features.