Fractal Unity SDK (opens in a new tab) is designed to get your Unity project up and running with Fractal services in a few easy steps. The package provides all of the Client APIs for interacting with the user's wallet - this includes signing in with Fractal, reading the user's coins and NFTs, and signing on-chain transactions.

The integration process is straightforward. First, add our authentication prefab to any scene in your project, and then interact with client endpoints as needed using FractalClient. SDK requires no 3rd party dependencies, and no additional configuration except entering your project details is necessary.

Quick Start


Fractal SDK always targets the latest LTS version of Unity (Currently 2021.3.18f1). We recommend that you use the LTS version of Unity to build projects that are in production or about to ship, however, you should not encounter any issues when integrating or migrating into any other versions of Unity above the targeted release.


Open WebGL Example (opens in a new tab)

WebGL example demonstrates the login and wallet interaction. Same build of the game can be deployed across all platforms without any adjustments. The demo scene is included in the SDK package.


Fractal SDK follows Semantic Versioning (major.minor.patch). Any potential breaking changes will always cause a major version increment, non-breaking new features will cause a minor version increment, and bugfixes will cause a patch version increment.

An up-to-date version of the changelog is available in the repository changelog (opens in a new tab).

Feedback & Support

We listen to builders. Please submit your experience with integrating SDK using our Feedback form (opens in a new tab).

If you run into any bug or have a feature request, open up a new issue/request (opens in a new tab) in the SDK repository (Please follow the template). For support contact us in #unity-sdk-eng in our Discord (opens in a new tab) server.