Getting Started
Verification System

Verification System

All games in the Fractal catalog can be either unverified or verified.

This verification system is designed to give you the flexibility to list your game on Fractal quickly and add Fractal integration later and to help players identify which games officially support Fractal Account & events and which are not.

Fractal Verified game have a blue badge in the catalog. We promote verified games on our social media channels and run events for them.

Fractal Verified

Fractal Verified Games

To get your game verified, you need to integrate Fractal's authentication system or linking into your game. This will get you additional support from the Fractal team and access to Fractal's marketing channel and events.

If you already have an account system, offer "Account Linking" instead. You can still access the user's information from the Fractal account, like username and email, and link them to your existing account system as you wish.

Verification Requirements:

  • Add Fractal's authentication or account linking into your game.
  • Link to Fractal's game page on your game website.
  • Pass an internal playtest by our community team.

Unverified Games

You don't need any Fractal in-game functionality to publish your game and complete the approval process on Fractal. You can use Fractal solely as a game distribution platform for web-based and desktop titles. When you publish your game, it will be listed as "unverified" by default in the catalog.

Your game will be visible and playable on Fractal. However, it will not have a "verified" badge, and you will be unable to promote or run any events on Fractal until you meet the requirements for the verified tier.


  • Create a studio account and game in FStudio.
  • Add the game's title, description, cover image, logo, etc.
  • Get the game approved by the Fractal team.