Getting Started
Game Integration

Next Steps

Now that you have created your account and your game listing in the F Studio, it's time to get started with Integration. This quick start guide will navigate you through our documentation and help you get your game verified on Fractal.


Our integration consists of two parts. Adding Fractal authentication to your game, and reporting gameplay data back to Fractal. We then process this data on our backend and can dynamically create tournaments, missions and other incentives for your players to participate in, while you can focus on building your game.

This guarantees minimal engineering lift on your side while leveraging all the player engagement benefits of Fractal.

Add Fractal Authentication

You can choose between two different variants of Fractal account authentication. Either a full Fractal account authentication or a Fractal account linking. Linking is a more lightweight approach and is recommended if you already have an account system in place.

In both cases, the most important part is to get player's unique Fractal ID. This is the ID you will use to report gameplay data linked to the player. Authentication is implemented in the game client either using our API our one of our SDKs.

Report Gameplay Data

Once you have added Fractal account authentication to your game, you can start reporting gameplay data to Fractal. This is done by sending a POST request to our API endpoint with the data you want to report and the player's unique Fractal ID.

Contact Fractal

Once you have implemented Fractal authentication and reporting, you can contact us to get your game verified on Fractal and start using our services. Contact us via and we will get back to you as soon as possible.