Get Listings

Get Marketplace Listings

Using our API, you can fetch all the items listed for sale on the Fractal Marketplace and let users buy them.

Getting All Listings

To get the items for sale, you need to send a request to the /sdk/v1/marketplace/solana/items/for_sale (opens in a new tab) POST endpoint. The request must be authenticated with a project API token using the Authentication field in the request header.

You can also filter this query by adding the following optional parameters to the URL:

sort.directionThe direction to sort the items. Either ASCENDING or DESCENDING. Defaults to ASCENDING.
sort.fieldThe field to sort the items by. Either LIST_TIME or PRICE. Defaults to LIST_TIME.
limitThe maximum number of items to return. Defaults to 100.

curl --request GET  \
     --url '' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer <PROJECT_API_TOKEN>' 

Requests return JSON with array items, each item object includes the following fields:

idUnique listing identifier of the object.
nameName of the object.
imageUrlURL for the image of the object.
listTimeObject containing the time and epoch when the item was listed for sale.
priceObject containing the item's price and unit.